Why unlimited choice is bad for you and the environment

Consumerism is a burden, not only to us as consumers overwhelmed by choice, but also to the environment. We are offered an ocean of options from a monoculture of industrial products. The differences are mostly small, the quality of the goods questionable, not speaking of their ecological sustainability. Psychologists have long discovered that unlimited choice makes people more unhappy.


Why I quit flying

My personal story on why I quit flying and why it is so important that more environmental conscious people join the #flyingless campaign. We have to talk about the challenges involved, when people fly less often, especially for professionals, who are often forced to travel. This is also an appeal to enjoy the way of slow travel.

Earth is just a tiny Island

Did you know, Earth is an island? This much we can learn from the Rapa Nui Islanders' history. Resources are always finite, no matter how unlimited they seem and irrespective of how big our desire and necessity for them. What happened to Rapa Nui society can be a learning lesson for what our modern societies decide to do in the future. In short it comes down to either change or perish.